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Sami and Friends

Sami and Friends...

When I was watching my cat Samantha (Sami) last summer I was fascinated at how she was looking around and seemed to be so "expressive" just checking out her new environment. So I grabbed my iPhone and started shooting video.

As I was shooting the video I started "hearing" the narrative I later recorded. I was amused and amazed at how what I was saying seemed to be instantly reacted to by Sami in the video.

Then I thought: "Hey, what if Sami started talking back?"

I debuted the finished video at a presentation in Laguna Woods, in November 2012 - and the audience loved it - everyone was laughing and had a good time. Obviously I had a good time creating it and realized animation would be a great medium for getting my message across...

Well, now there's a few other characters who along with Sami help me to keep things in perspective. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do... You'll be seeing them at my live presentations and they'll be showing up on this web site too.

-Bob Baran



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