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Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™


How do I begin to describe something
that literally saved my life?

Imagine falling down the proverbial "dark hole" so far that you begin to wonder if you've lost your mind!

It happened to me.

No matter what I tried: Books, seminars, techniques, even therapy. None of the typical solutions seemed to break through the life numbing noise of my mind having launched itself into "hyper-angst". Sheer unrelenting serial panic.

I thought I was losing my mind!

Maybe you know what I mean?

Triggered by a life changing emotionally traumatic event, (divorce) my day-to-day life had become a roller coaster. Moments of calm punctuated with sudden blasts of panic.

The fatigue from this endless parade of unfinished memories was taking it's toal. I couldn't bare to look in the mirror. The demise of my physical stature was like a rapidly moving infection - without any treatment in sight.

My mind was in a panic-like spin.

Overloaded and reeling from layer upon layer of confusion. Struggling to find center ground as the floor beneath my feet constantly shifted. For the first time in my life I was scared. Something inside was broken and out of control.

All the "shoulda - couldas". The machine gun like sequence of unresolved memories flashing - one after the other - into my mind. Those never ending conversations playing out on the stage of so many rapidly fading memories. And, I was still confused...

With everything I thought I knew - how could this happen to me? How could I let this happen? What could I do to stop it?

What I was experiencing was
way beyond the normal grieving process.

Sure, it's normal to go through some angst as you sort out what was - what is - and what can be - in your life. But I was stuck in what was. Totally and completely confused.

The day that changed my life forever

I'll never forget that day. I was driving into town and once again the conversations started - and I yelled out loud: "ENOUGH!" - and it stopped!

I felt instant relief. A wonderful calm and then - without warning - like the suddenly shifting scene in a dream - I was "there" again in some insane never ending conversation - talking to myself - talking to a memory!

I pulled the car over to the side of the road...

I sat there in the car in disbelief:

I can't consciously control this.

Then and there I made a pledge to myself. I was going to figure out what was going on with me and I wouldn't stop until I found a permanent solution.

Having created the Intentional Prosperity™ System in 2007 made this a very difficult undertaking. After all, I laid out the definitive explanation of how "things worked" - yet the best information I had at my disposal was now failing me!

Something is missing!

I knew instinctively I was missing something - something so obvious I was blind to it. So I began to review everything I had every learned about consciousness. The mind. The human cognition system. If there was an answer - I was going to find it. As far as I was concerned it had become a matter of life or death. Mine.

Then late one night I had an epiphany!

I recognized a pattern. A "trigger" that was causing me to shift into some kind of "panic mode" that engaged certain neuro-pathways which were linking to painful negative memories.

To put is simply: My ego was stuck in "status quo" mode attempting to keep everything "the same" long after it had already and irreversibly changed.

My ego was stuck in a groove!

It kept trying to sift through all of the memories which were supposed to support the layers of rationale which I used to build the last ten years of my life - and it wasn't working because my "old life" had already ended.

It was then I realized what I needed to do...

I had to break the "cord" which linked the unresolved memories and the negatively charged energy which kept the memories "alive"...

This was an astounding realization:

I could by-pass my "stuck ego" by dissipating the energy supporting the memories my ego was linking to.

Do you get that?

You see, everything I had tried - all the commonly known fixes - were attempting to work directly on my ego to no avail. My ego was doing what it was supposed to do - maintain status quo - using layer after layer of rationale I had created to justify all of the attitudes, opinions and beliefs which represented my life for the past ten years.

Each of the rationalizations were linked to a specific memory which further justified and amplified the rationale.

Stay with me here...

My flash of inspiration was this:

If I could find a way to neutralize the energy maintaining those memories - there would be no more emotion associated with the memories - and the ego's linking to those memories would result in a non-emotional result. No more feeling panic. No more feeling confusion and no more feeling of any kind.

This is when I discovered the solution!

The Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™

Here's how it works:

Imagine for a moment, that you are tapped into a virtually unlimited supply of raw energy - I call "life energy". Before you can use this energy it is broken down by your "human congnition system" into two basic "flavors" of energy. Negative and positive.

Positively charged memories bring you joy and amplifiy good feelings when you recall them. On the other hand, a negatively charged memory brings with it fear, uncertainty, doubt, and all the other associated negative feelings. Negatively charged memories drain you - positvely charged memories re-charge you.

The purpose of the Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™ is to permanently neutralize the negatively charged emotional "flavor" of a memory - or "stack of related memories" which are linked to each other.

In less than 30 minutes the "QLER" takes you through the process necessary to permanently release the negatively charged energy which turns back into raw "life energy".

In my case:

The first time I used it - My life killing angst, panic and pain stopped instantaneously - and has never returned!

It was amazing! Like someone had turned night into day. I was immediately calm, relaxed and energized at the same time.

The effect of the "Rejuvenator" was so profound I made a life changing decision which saw me "stop" the life I was living - and within the following twelve months move into a brand new life - moving from Montana to California so I would be able to bring this remarkable discovery to those who - like me - are ready to make real permanent change in their lives...

As an integral part of the Quantum Transcendence™ Awakening Process - each "Rejuvenator" is "custom produced" for the Client. And, introduced at a very specific point in the Transcendence procedure to effect a profound and quantifiable change in the intensity and "flavor" of a Client's emotional foundation.

-Bob Baran

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