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Are You Creatively Unleashed?

quantum creativity rejuvenator™

In 2006, I had a most amazing - life changing experience

I sat down at my piano and in less than two hours spontaneously composed a solo piano album: "Escape Music: A New Dawn" that went on to the Grammy ballot in four categories and hit #10 on the Billboard New Age Catalog Chart in 2009!

How was it possible to experience a flow of musical creativity that required no editing?

Was a "one-take" uninterrupted performance to experience? A creative adventure that felt like I was "visiting" a place inside - a profound feeling of natural confidence and unlimited possibilities I call "knowingness".

Knowingness is inspiration plus confidence…

It's hard to describe.

Imagine being both the "performer" and the "observer" of the performance simultaneously. If you're an artist, composer, writer, etc., you probably have tasted moments of what I call "knowingness". That wonderful creative place you sometimes experience - that always surprises you.

You just know what to do and it all falls into place

I literally spent a lifetime attempting to "get there and stay there" and in 2006 I did it - and I have the proof!

My personal creative experience launched the Intentional Prosperity™ System

At that point in time I was so blown away with what I had personally experienced I realized it was essential to "organize" the process that allowed me to achieve the state of knowingness I had experienced. I realized it was the result of a set of circumstances that could be formulated into a procedure with a predictable outcome.

Sure I spent the next two years organizing and perfecting Intentional Prosperity™ - it's a wonderfully complete system for unleashing those good things inside you help to create the dreams you desire…

But I came to realize "mentalizing" was only "half" the story….

It wasn't until I discovered the "Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™" and seriously began exploring the human cognition system is when I realized - just understanding "what and how" to accomplish what you desire - isn't enough! Real change doesn't take place in the "conscious mind" - only the "reasons" for change.

There was one more step

An internal step that must be taken to fully unleash your creative flow. A procedure on the unconscious level igniting the possibility for instantaneous permanent change to take place. The kind of change that neutralizes your unconscious resistance to directly tapping into your unrestricted creative flow. Allowing you to experience a deep sense of "knowingness" as you confidently explore your imagination.

Like the other "Quantum Rejuvenator™ products - "Quantum Creativity Rejuvenator™ requires the "Quantum Life Energy Rejuvenator™" and "Quantum-Hypnotics™ to create the powerful internal shift necessary to releasing your creative flow.

If you know "creative blocks" are hampering your ability to express yourself in whatever medium - contact me now.

Let's talk on the phone or over a cup of coffee and see if the "Quantum Creativity Rejuvenator™" procedure is your next natural step as an artist.

-Bob Baran


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