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Neuro-Cognitive Relinking™

The Good Things About You
Should Have Good Outcomes... Right?

Many of us have what I call "twisted links" - neuro pathways that have the good aspects of who we are somehow linked to not so good experiences... Like falling in love and then having your heart broken.

Falling in love is a good thing by itself. However if your "linkage" - the expected outcome (whether you consciously expect the outcome or not) is that those relationships have always brought you pain - you will naturally find yourself avoiding the pain. You'll do this by avoiding any relationship that has the potential of you "falling in love" - and you'll use all kinds of rationale to support your "not going there again".

That's a great example of "twisted linking"

Nuero-Cognitive Relinking™ is a very powerful part of the Quantum Transcendence™ procedure. The idea is to uncover those "twisted links" and "relink" to positive feelings and outcomes. So the "falling in love" example would have a very different outcome - one of joy and fulfillment - after the negative links have been uncovered and relinked.

-Bob Baran




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