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Instantaneous Permanent Change

In a perfect world - it's what we all want.

To be able to "instantly change".

As soon as we recognize we need to change something about ourselves or the life we're living - then and there in that instan - is when we desire to "see and feel" the change taking place.

Sounds like a fantasy doesn't it?

Imagining something and immediately experiencing it.

The good news is instantaneous permanent change is possible. It's not a fantasy or some kind of trick of the imagination. It just takes "preparation" - more like "conditioning" yourself from the inside out.

An essential aspect of the Quantum Transcendence Awakening™ and Deep Awakening™ process is your experiencing instantaneous permanent change. Once we have achieved the necessary Neuro-Cognitive Relinking™, it's possible to utilize Quantum-Hypnotics™ to shift your unconscious beliefs in a manner which manifests itself as a real and quantifiable change - an instantaneous permanent change - in your personality.

When you understand your ego/personality is only a mirror of your unconscious mind - and it's job is to reflect the "life filters" established by your unconscious beliefs - you begin to realize real change is only possible if you change the "programming" of your unsconscious.

The good news is Quantum Transcendenc™ gives you the power to consciously determine how much or how little of yourself - and your life - you want to change. You have to give your permission - you take the leap into the change you desire...

But only when you're ready.

And, we'll do it together.

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-Bob Baran

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